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SGU Provides a Global Medical Experience to Nine Foreign Exchange Students

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St. George’s University welcomed nine students from five countries during the summer as part of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) Exchange Program. Facilitated by the University’s Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, the public health projects were part of IFMSA’s worldwide campaign that allows approximately 10,000 medical students to participate in bilateral and equitable student exchanges in pursuit of global clinical and research experiences each year.

“The projects offered an all-encompassing experience,” said Dr. Satesh Bidaisee, Project Coordinator and Deputy Chair of the Department. “It demonstrated that the health of an individual is dependant on many socio-economic and political factors.”

Among those who participated was first-year medical student Janna Gribi from Medical University of Vienna. She spent more than four weeks working on St. George’s University’s Sports for Health Program and an occupational health program with the Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA).

“It is very important to know and understand the practice of medicine in different places around the world in order to be a global doctor,” Ms. Gribi added. “This experience encouraged me to be open-minded and think outside the box.”

At Grenada’s General Hospital, Asier Bombin, a first-year medical student from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, with a keen interest in surgery, shadowed an attending physician, visited the operations theater, and sat in on patient consultations.

“The health system in Grenada is really different from back home, but you don’t learn about those differences and get a greater appreciation for them unless you experience it yourself,” he stated.

“I’ve always wanted to be a global person, but being able to witness the practice of medicine in Grenada provided a global medical experience, which is even more important.”

“IFMSA offers medical students the unique opportunity to act local and go global,” said Pier Hart, president of IFMSA-Grenada. “It enriches the SGU community by bringing in exchange students from other countries who share their diverse cultures and unique perspectives on the science and art of medicine from their geographic regions. In return, we provide the opportunity to experience the country and engage in research and hospital rotations that serve the people of Grenada.”

St. George’s University students, too, have traveled for such exchanges. SGU sent medical student Dan Pierce to the University of Bergen Faculty of Medicine in Norway in June 2013, and in April 2014, Andres Molina visited Spain. Students from at least seven countries, including Norway, Ghana, and Brazil, are anticipated to visit the True Blue Campus during the summer of 2015. According to Mr. Pierce, former IFMSA-Grenada National Exchange Officer, “these exchanges are very inexpensive for students, and they are fun. In addition to doing research and gaining clinical experience, the hosting committee in each country organizes events for each incoming exchange student so they can truly experience the culture and lifestyles of that country.”



Graduation Ceremony of Pioneer Doctors from Texila American University

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Texila American University graduated its pioneer batch of doctors on 7th June 2014. The graduation ceremony was held at Marriott Marquis, located in 265 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303. It was a historical moment for everyone involved for the years of hard work in developing a University with the quality of education it provides today!

The University commenced its humble beginning in 2010 only with the On-campus programs in Medicine. Further it expanded its program views across On Campus programs for nursing as well. Further it collaborated with decade’s old Partner Universities to provide Academic support to Distance and Online Programs.

Currently, TAU holds the students from 35 different countries.

Today, Texila American University is a thriving Medical School rendering education to the students from different nationalities. Since its inception, Texila American University has been in the forefront rendering education with high professionalism and exactness.

The graduates were admitted to the University for the four year Doctor of Medicine courses.

Texila Graduation

Added to this, the First Graduate has matched into the residency (Post Graduate) program in the United States.
The Oath taking Ceremony was the highlight of the occasion, with the participants promising to lead their life accordingly. The Chief Executive Officer of the University commenced the graduation speech on behalf of the institution. Further, The Dean, Vice-Chancellor and other Board members also conveyed their influencing messages to the graduates. The function was concluded with the National Anthem.

St. George’s University Awards Inaugural NeuroResearch Excellence Award

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NeuroResearch Student Group Founder Honored for Excellence in Neuroscience Research

St. George’s University fifth-term medical student Sunita Hingorani was recognized for her contribution to the founding and growth of the NeuroResearch Student Group, a contingent of SGU students dedicated to research in neuroscience. Thus, when it came time for Dr. Tuula Jalonen, Professor of Neuroscience at SGU, to award the inaugural NeuroResearch Excellence Award, Ms. Hungrani was an easy choice.

“I wanted to recognize someone who shows excellence in neuroscience, in research and in their other studies, someone who is motivated, has good ideas, and shows leadership and enthusiasm for research,” said Dr. Jalonen, who serves as Ms. Hingorani’s academic advisor. “Sunita is all these things. She kept the group together and pushed and motivated her peers to keep working. I really felt she was the perfect person for this first award, and I can already see other excellent researchers coming up within the group.”

NeuroResearch has grown from a membership of five in 2012 to more than 30 students, all with a thirst and passion for research and neuroscience. Students who join the group devise their own research project or join one of several ongoing projects. The group’s goal is to conduct research significant to neuroscience and with potential benefit for the Grenadian community.

Thus far, the group has researched the use of Propofol by physicians, neuropathic pain in sickle cell disease, awareness of Alzheimer’s disease in Grenada, the prevalence and mechanisms of HTLV-1 infection, migraine, depression in schoolchildren, ‘neurophobia’ among medical students, and diabetes and NMDA receptor activity in cells. Through the support of Dr. Marios Loukas, SGU’s Dean of Medical Research, NeuroResearch has acquired a patch clamp for the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience, which will assist them in their research in the upcoming semester.


“The research we do is so relevant,” said Ms. Hingorani.  “I find myself connecting most of my classes to neuroscience.  The research we conducted has  helped me remember more of what I was learning in class.  I’m sure that my experience in NeuroResearch has prepared me to be open to new ideas in my future career.”

Members of NeuroResearch Student Group have presented at two SGU Research Day events and at the One Health, One Medicine conference. In July, Dr. Jalonen will also present a poster on a mathematical model of HTLV-1 at the Federation of European Neuroscience Forum in Milan. Even though Ms. Hingorani is leaving Grenada for her clinical rotations, her hope is to remain involved in NeuroResearch as much as possible.